Division Size Changes: The committee voted to change the Elementary Large Division size to 17-25 team members and the Middle School Super Large Division size to 21-25 team members. More information will be posted as it is made available. ******************************************************************************************** Congratulations to our newly elected KAPOS board members and officers! Their terms began on July 1 and their information has been posted on the Board of Directors link.

Region #1–Lindsey Behrendt
Region #3–Heather Cavitt
Region #5–Joella Nall
Region #7–Hope Eaton
Region #9–Gay Trame
Region #11–Suzy Edmister
Region #13–Kim Wood
Region #15–Jeannie Stone
At-Large—Teresa Ellis Regions #’s 1-8 and Bryce Seals #’s 9-16
State At-Large—Joni Hall and Chris Tipton
President Elect–Kelly Littleton
Sectional Vice Presidents— Cindy Thompson Regions #1-4 and Shawn Campbell Regions #9-12

Congratulations to Gwen Gibbs who has been re-elected to the KHSAA Board of Control as the female representative from Regions 9-16!  Gwen will continue to represent the student athletes of Kentucky well! ******************************************************************************************** We “cheer die hards” made it home from a great trip to the 35th National High School Cheerleading Championships, and what a tremendous event it was! It is evident that the Kentucky “cheer presence” is a force to be reckoned with as ever division was packed with our awesome Kentucky teams! I was very proud when they announced that in the 35 years of its existence, there was only one team with one coach that had attended EVERY competition in those 35 years. Being from Region 16, of course, I knew immediately the answer to that question was……Greenup County and Candy Berry! Ruth Sorace, KAPOS Advisory Board member, put together a few statistics to show the extent of Kentucky cheerleading at this competition. There were 61 “school-based” teams from Kentucky. (She didn’t count rec or youth leagues.) Of the 61 teams, 44 were varsity high school teams. Of the 61 teams, 36 made it to finals and brought home a trophy, which comes to 59%! From finals, 3 were National Champions (Greenup County, Pikeville Junior High, and Southwestern). In addition, some teams also competed in Game Day — 3 made finals and 2 brought home National Championships in Game Day (Prestonsburg and Russell County). You can see that Kentucky was extremely well represented bringing home 5 national championships! Congratulations to all of our teams and coaches that participated. We have LOTS to be proud of! Cheers from Lucy!


Cheer Trivia……Did you know that KAPOS is the OLDEST cheer coach organization in the United States? We have been serving our cheer coaches for 60 years! I surely appreciate Stella Gilb and all of our founders for being insightful and leading the charge in promoting and improving cheerleading in the state of Kentucky. Happy Birthday, KAPOS! FOR HIGH SCHOOL TEAMS 2014-15 Spirit Rules Changes Focus on Minimizing Risk During Inverted Stunts The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) Spirit Rules Committee adjusted several rules with the goal of minimizing risk and increasing creativity during its March 8-10 meeting in Indianapolis. The recommended rules changes were subsequently approved by the NFHS Board of Directors. The committee approved the conditions for performing an inverted stunt during partner stunts and pyramids. According to Rule 2-5-2, the base person must keep contact with the top person enough to stabilize the top person. An exception to this is that an inverted top person in a handstand on the ground can be released to a loading person below shoulder height. In addition, according to Rule 2-5-2b, inverted partner stunts must begin and end below an extended position and can be performed by passing through an extended position without pausing or stopping. Previously, the base person was not allowed to extend arms to perform an inverted stunt. “Inversions have become a common element in cheerleading. The changes to Rule 2-5-2 will reduce confusion among coaches, interpreters and judges,” said Kent Summers, NFHS director of performing arts and sports and liaison to the Spirit Rules Committee. “The committee wants to promote better technique in performing and teaching the stunts, which can allow greater creativity without adding undue risk to participants.” The information included in Rule 2-5-3, involving suspended rolls, was incorporated into Article 2 and will follow the same rules as other inverted partner stunts. To reduce the risk to performers, single-based suspended rolls require a spotter to aid in the transfer of the top person. Now, the new catcher must be in place and not involved in any other skill when the suspended roll is initiated. Another rule change approved by the committee restricts an inverted top person from holding any object. With the addition of Rule 2-5-4, poms, signs, etc. are prohibited while performing a stunt from the inverted position. “Because the hands of an inverted top person are frequently close to the heads and faces of ground-level participants, allowing the top person to hold objects creates additional risk we do not want while the top person is in an inverted position. This revision will help minimize risk,” Summers said. With changes made to Rule 2-3-8, participants may wear supports, braces, soft casts, etc., as long as they have not been altered from the manufacturer’s original design. If altered, padding should be provided with closed-cell, slow-recovery foam padding no less than one-half inch thick if the participant is involved in partner stunts, pyramids or tosses. Plaster casts and walking boots are not permitted for partner stunts, pyramids or tosses. A new rule was put in place to reduce the risk of injury to students. According to Rule 2-9-9, during a dismount to a new catcher, the catcher must remain close to the original base. The catcher cannot be involved in any other stunt when the release is initiated. In addition to the official rules changes, the committee added “Lift” to the “Stunt/Partner Stunt” definition, as well as adding “Foldover Stunt.” Changes were made to the previous “Forward/Backward Roll,” “Suspended Roll/Flip” and “Tumbling” in the definitions section. Final changes involved the deletion or editing of specific “Notes.” A complete listing of all rules changes will be available on the NFHS Web site at www.nfhs.org. Click on “Athletic Activities” in the sidebar menu on the home page, and select “Spirit.” According to a survey of NFHS-member state associations in 2009, there are about 400,000 high school cheerleaders in the United States, including 116,508 who are involved in competitive spirit squads, which ranks ninth among girls sports according to the 2012-13 High School Athletics Participation Survey conducted by the NFHS. There are also about 29,500 girls who participate in dance or drill teams, according to the same survey. This press release was written by Anna Wilson, a 2014 spring intern in the NFHS Publications/Communications Department and a senior at Franklin College studying journalism and studio art. —————————————————————————————– 2014-2015 NFHS Spirit Rules Book Changes These changes will be incorporated into competitive judging sheets where appropriate and will be reviewed in the online rules clinic for coaches and judges in the fall. www.nfhs.org/content.aspx www.nfhs.org/content.aspx ————————————————————— BREAKING NEWS…….. 04/15/14 – Coed Competitive Cheer Divisions Approved Cheer Blog Updates The KHSAA Board of Control, at its April meeting, approved a change with regard to coed competitive cheer divisions beginning with the 2014-15 school year. Coed Competitive Cheer Division A Minimum of 1 to 3 male participants, with an overall minimum squad size of 12 and a maximum squad size of 24. Division B Minimum of 4-or-more male participants, with an overall minimum squad size of 12 and a maximum squad size of 24. There are no changes to the All-Girl Divisions for 2014-15. FUNDRAISER IDEA I know how everyone is always looking for fundraiser ideas. This is something I hadn’t seen before, so I thought I’d share. FUNDRAISING WITH LAUGHTER www.standupexperts.com/fundraising.html Please call Tom Sobel – 502-459-5532 – (office) or 502-649-7755 – (cell) email – tom.comedycaravan@gmail.com Just tell him that you heard about this from Billy Goldsmith. I believe without a doubt that you will have a great time and make yourself some very easy money that should help your school or sports financial needs. * Simple, easy and fun * Clean, clever, family-friendly comedians * Raise money for teams, clubs, bands…simultaneously * A symbiotic evening of healthy humor * No deposits or advance payments * We take all the risk !! How It Works: With over 30 years experience and access to 1,000 comedians, we’ll provide a 1st class, family-friendly comedy show, appropriate for your school and a family audience. Many of the comedians we’ll have performed on TV shows, including: The Tonight Show, Letterman, HBO, Showtime, Comedy Central, Star Search, BET[http://cdncache-a.akamaihd.net/items/it/img/arrow-10×10.png], CMT… and many more. We require NO up-front payments. We believe in our FUNdrai$ing program enough to be willing to take all the risk in exchange for a percentage of ticket sales paid only after your successful show. Our FUNdrai$ing program can minimize (or even eliminate) less profitable traditional fundraising methods: selling candy, doughnuts, candles, mulch, magazine subscriptions . . . that require far more risk and effort by parents and staff, while providing a much smaller return for your time and efforts. Everyone Profits–Each of your school’s organizations can profit, earning money[http://cdncache-a.akamaihd.net/items/it/img/arrow-10×10.png] by having their members and supporters sell tickets. For example, revenue generated by tickets sold by the football team supports your football program. Similarly, sales can support your PTA, band, choir … and every other conceivable group, or divided however you choose. Click the button above, EMAIL US, or call 502.459.5532. We look forward to helping you “Laugh all the way to the bank.” PAST NEWS…….. NEW JUDGING SHEETS ON KHSAA WEBSITE Recently Butch Cope, KHSAA Cheer liaison, sent an e-mail concerning Judges Score Sheets (All-Girls, Co-Ed), the Difficulty Grid, and the Execution Grid to all cheer coaches on file with KHSAA. These have been finalized and posted on the KHSAA website. In order to access these: *Go to www.khsaa.org *Click sport/activities *Click competitive cheer in the pulldown *Once on the Cheer page, go to General Information. To keep up with cheer updates that Mr. Cope posts, go to the KHSAA cheer blog at khsaa.org/news-stats-pubs/sports-blogs/ SIGN UP FOR MEMBERSHIP TODAY Remember: KAPOS membership is now open on an individual basis. Coaches are encouraged to submit your dues to the KAPOS Treasurer prior to July 1, because the KAPOS and NFHS fiscal year runs from July 1 through June 30. Insurance coverage will be in effect for the fiscal year for dues received by July 1. Coaches may pay dues after the July 1 date; however, insurance coverage will not begin until dues are received by NFHS. Go to the “Forms” link to find your “Membership Application”. KHSAA CHEER BLOGButch Cope, KHSAA Assistant Commissioner and cheer liaison, has developed a blog for details and updates as cheer information is finalized. Go to khsaa.org/sports/sports-activities/competitive-cheer/ for the latest information on cheer. You may want to bookmark it so you can regularly check KHSAA Cheer Liaison Butch Cope’s updates. Assistant Commissioner Kentucky High School Athletic Association (859)299-5472 Double Twists to Cradle No Longer Permitted in High School Spirit

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