KHSAA Message

KHSAA Message

A Message from the KHSAA

When KAPOS was founded in 1954, many of those founding members hoped for the day when cheer would be recognized alongside basketball, baseball and track and field as true statewide championship events. Years of work sponsoring events and holding competition have finally led to the day when the same organization that runs those successful championships in those original sports and many more, will also run a state competition in cheer. The benefit to the young ladies and coaches that are involved certainly includes the ability to proudly proclaim “regional champion” or “state champion”, just like the sports that existed long before, not just from a membership organization, but from a statewide perspective.

With this transition in 2012-13 to another group managing a championship, many have said that KAPOS has finished its mission, fulfilled its purpose. From my seat, nothing could be further from the truth. KAPOS and its core mission to help students and coaches who participate in cheer has never been more important as the organization can focus its efforts on coaching development, skill improvement, safety training and promotion of the great sport-activity of competitive cheer. And even for those schools that choose not to compete in championship competition, there will always be a need for coach training and support for those students whose sole involvement in cheer is the in-game involvement and support of athletic teams.

I am truly excited to see our partnership continue, and we want to commit our staff and member resources to continuing to assist our member schools in providing a safe atmosphere for cheerleaders throughout the state of Kentucky and the absolute best of participation experiences.

KHSAA Commissioner Julian Tackett

COMMONLY ASKED QUESTIONS CONCERNING CHEERLEADERS Many times coaches have questions concerning KHSAA rules and guidelines cheerleaders must follow.  These are listed on the KHSAA website.