35th National High School Cheerleading Championships

We “cheer die hards” made it home from a great trip to the 35th National High School Cheerleading Championships, and what a tremendous event it was! It is evident that the Kentucky “cheer presence” is a force to be reckoned with as ever division was packed with our awesome Kentucky teams!

I was very proud when they announced that in the 35 years of its existence, there was only one team with one coach that had attended EVERY competition in those 35 years. Being from Region 16, of course, I knew immediately the answer to that question was……Greenup County and Candy Berry!

Ruth Sorace, KAPOS Advisory Board member, put together a few statistics to show the extent of Kentucky cheerleading at this competition. There were 61 “school-based” teams from Kentucky. (She didn’t count rec or youth leagues.) Of the 61 teams, 44 were varsity high school teams. elearn chattanooga state Of the 61 teams, 36 made it to finals and brought home a trophy, which comes to 59%! From finals, 3 were National Champions (Greenup County, Pikeville Junior High, and Southwestern). In addition, some teams also competed in Game Day — 3 made finals and 2 brought home National Championships in Game Day (Prestonsburg and Russell County). You can see that Kentucky was extremely well represented bringing home 5 national championships! Congratulations to all of our teams and coaches that participated. We have LOTS to be proud of!

Cheers from Lucy!