KAPOS Bylaws 2021-2022

I. Dues
A. KAPOS/National Federation of State High School Associations Membership (July 1 – June 30)
1. KAPOS/NFHS member dues shall be twenty-five dollars ($25) annually which includes National Federation High School Coaches Association membership and liability insurance.
2. Dues should be sent to KAPOS by September 15 or paid at the first regional meeting. No NFHS insurance or KAPOS voting privileges are in effect until dues are paid and member information is received. Insurance will be covered only through June 30 of the current year.
B. Dues shall be valid for one (1) fiscal year and are not refundable.
C. KAPOS/NFHS member dues for active KAPOS Board of Directors shall be paid by KAPOS.

II. Fiscal Year
A. The fiscal year of KAPOS shall be the period from the first day of July through the last day of June. Wherever the term “year” is used, in both these Bylaws and the KAPOS Constitution, it shall refer to the fiscal year of the association.

III. Elections
A. Officers shall be elected at the last board meeting of the year.
1.The Advisory Board along with the Past-President shall serve as the nominating committee.
2. No person may be elected to serve as an officer without having at some time served on the board.
3. Nominees must hold current membership in KAPOS at the time of their nomination.
B. At-Large Board members shall be elected as follows:
1. A board member must make nominations.
2. Nominations shall be open from November 1 through the last board meeting of the fiscal year.
3. Mail-in nominations shall be accepted through April 15 and should be sent to the President. The President must receive the following in reference to the nominee:
a. A letter of recommendation from the board member who made the nomination.
b. A letter from the nominee expressing interest in, and reasons for, wanting to be a member of the board, and giving his/her background in cheerleading and KAPOS.
4. At the last board meeting of the fiscal year, nominations shall be presented and discussed. Nominations may be made from the floor as long as the criteria in numbers 3(a) and 3(b) above are met. Nominations shall be closed and ballots shall be issued at this time.
5. On the first ballot, board members shall cast votes for two (2) persons to fill the Regions 1-8 and Regions 9-16 positions on the board. The person receiving the most votes for each respective section shall be named at that time to each position. A second ballot shall then be issued, and board members shall vote from the remaining nominees for the State-At-Large positions.
6. Elected persons shall be notified by June 1.
7. A list shall be kept of the order of placement of the nominees in voting. Should a vacancy occur, the President may fill the vacancy with the person receiving the next highest number of votes. Should this not be feasible, the President shall make a recommendation to the board.
8. Nominees must hold membership in KAPOS at the time of their nomination.
C. Regional Board members shall be elected as follows:
1. In even-numbered years, even-numbered regions shall hold elections; in odd-numbered years, odd-numbered regions shall hold elections.
2. Nominees must hold membership in KAPOS at the time of their nomination and must live or work in the region they shall represent.
3. The President shall request nominations from the regional KAPOS membership and the Sectional Vice-President of that region. These nominations shall be used to compose a ballot.
4. Nominees shall provide information concerning their background and interest in cheerleading to the President. A brief summary concerning each nominee shall accompany each ballot.
5. A ballot shall then be sent to the regional KAPOS membership and the Sectional Vice-President of that region for the purpose of voting.
6. The election shall be conducted by June 1 of the appropriate year.

IV. Committees
A. The President may appoint committees at any time. Their term of service shall expire at the completion of their assignment.

V. Voting
A. On matters requiring a vote, with the exception of constitutional matters (see Article XI), a simple majority vote of the members present is necessary for action or by electronic vote if needed.
B. The quorum of the Board for the purpose of doing business shall consist of not less than ten (10) members.
C. For KAPOS statewide meetings of the general membership, each individual member has one (1) vote.
D. For regional KAPOS meetings as related to competition/event matters, each high school, middle school, or elementary school with a participating team shall be permitted one (1) KAPOS member coach vote for matters related to their team’s level.

VI. Competitions/Events
A. KAPOS shall administer competitions/events as determined by the KAPOS Board of Directors

VII. Awards
A. Outstanding Coach award(s) shall be presented each year to a current KAPOS member coach. A nomination form is available on the KAPOS website. Refer to the nomination form for deadline.
B. A K-Pep award may be presented at any KAPOS competition/event for outstanding pep, enthusiasm, and sportsmanship.
C. Coaches Service award(s) shall be presented at the respective regional competitions for longevity of service (retroactive if coach is presently a member of KAPOS).
1. 10 year certificate
2. 15 year certificate
3. 20 year certificate
4. 25 year certificate
5. 30 year certificate
6. Upon retirement, after a minimum of 15 years of service, the region shall award a plaque

VIII. Scrapbook
A. A scrapbook is kept of cheerleader activities throughout the state. Teams are urged to participate by sending photos, articles, etc. to the Parliamentarian.

IX. Scholarship
A. The Stella S. Gilb Scholarship may be presented annually to a senior cheerleader(s) in Kentucky. Applications are available on KAPOS website. All applicants must cheer for a team whose coach is a current KAPOS member. Refer to the application form for deadline.

X. Amendments
A. These Bylaws may be amended by a simple majority vote of the KAPOS Board of Directors present at a board meeting.