Regional Board Member Duties


Regional board members shall be elected by the Sectional Vice-President, current Regional board member and the present KAPOS members in their respective regions and shall serve two (2) year terms.

A. Shall be one (1) from each of the sixteen (16) regions.

B. Shall oversee or personally handle all aspects of their respective regions KAPOS competitions/events and meetings.

C. Shall hold at least one (1) regional coaches’ meeting prior to October 1.

D. Shall notify all members, coaches and Board members within their respective regions of the time and place of meetings. Minutes of the meetings must be recorded and copies sent to the President and respective Sectional Vice-President.

E. Shall solicit membership of cheer coaches in their region and relay all KAPOS information to the coaches in their respective regions.

F. Shall provide scores and rankings to all coaches following KAPOS competitions/events.

G. Shall provide an itemized financial statement to the Finance Committee designee by April 30, documented by invoices, checks and receipts.

H. Shall be responsible for all preparations and running of any KAPOS competition/event in their respective region, unless the Regional board member is a coach of a team participating in the competition. In that event, the Sectional Vice-President shall conduct the competition. If the Sectional Vice-President cannot accept this responsibility, the President shall appoint another KAPOS Board member to oversee the competition.