Letter to Participating Coaches

Middle and Elementary Cheer Coaches:

Congratulations on your team advancing to the KAPOS State Championships!!

The competition is Saturday, December 21st , 2019 in Alltech Area at the Kentucky Horse Park. 

There will be two sessions.  Small, Large, and Game Day Elementary School teams and Game Day Middle School teams will compete in the morning starting at 8:30 a.m. with awards upon completion of the morning session.  Small, Medium, Large, and Super Middle School teams will compete in the afternoon session tentatively beginning at 12:30 p.m. with awards upon completion of the afternoon session.  The Performance Schedule will be posted on the KAPOS website after all regions are complete, BUT please continue to check back for updates as teams may cancel and warm-up times may change.

Doors will open at 7:45 a.m. for everyone.  Admission for spectators is $10 with children age 5 and under admitted free.  Alltech Arena (not KAPOS) DOES charge a parking fee of $5.  There is no fee for buses to park.

Spectators may only enter through the front entrance.  Cheerleaders arriving at the arena with their parents may enter through the front entrance in uniform.  Cheerleaders arriving on a bus will be dropped off at the Pass Gate to the left side of the front entrance. Only coaches listed on the registration form may enter through the Pass Gate, enter the warm-up area with your team, and go onto the arena floor.  Teams will proceed to the arena for seating until time for photos.  Pass Gate entry is permitted for the bus driver, school principal, assistant principal, and superintendent. 

Be ready to enter the warm-up area at least 10 minutes prior to your warm-up time.  Be sure to check on Friday, December 20th for last minute changes in case teams drop out.  Coaches should have team members use the restroom PRIOR to beginning the warm-up process.  There will not be time during warm-ups and the clock cannot be stopped once you enter.  Teams will enter the warm-up area through the door marked “Cheerleader Entrance”.   Cheerleaders should be dressed upon entering.  Do not bring gym bags because of limited space.  Only coaches listed on the KAPOS Middle and Elementary School Competition Entry Form may enter the warm-up area.  Because of liability issues, NO CHILDREN, other than participants are allowed.  There will be a trainer provided for medical and injury issues only.  The trainer is not available to tape ankles, etc.  Any necessary taping must be done PRIOR to entering the warm-up area.  Teams will be assigned an escort to take you through warm-ups starting with photos.  Please have a picture formation prepared.  Team members will have individual pictures taken after the group shot.  You will proceed to check in, where your Regional insurance form will serve as a roster for participating members.  Teams will then have eight minutes on a full floor.  Teams will not be moving from tumbling mat to stunting mat to full mat.  You will have 8 minutes on a full floor to warm up as you choose. There will be a sound system set up.  Please do not play music during any other time of warm-ups.  Teams will be escorted to the top of the stairs for holding and the bottom of the stairs for on deck.    When your team is on deck, a coach will take the music to the sound table.  Please bring two forms of music/audio.  You may use CD’s, in mp3 format, phones, or iPods.   If using your phone, it is advised to have the music loaded on the device and not rely on pulling it from the cloud or an off-site server.  The internet connection inside the Arena in not reliable. Teams will be called to the floor and, while setting up props, will have a sound check.  Teams are not permitted to tumble while entering the floor and no formal entrances or chants are allowed.  This could be mistaken as the beginning of your routine and time would start. You will not be told to begin your routine after being called to the floor.

Coaches must sit in the Coaches Box and must remain SEATED throughout the entire performance.

Pine Mountain Photography will be taking team and individual photos which will be available to you on site. Action shots will be available on their website. The contract requires no other photographer on the performance floor. Personal photos may be taken of your own team.

Team IP will have the official KAPOS t-shirts available with all team names listed on the back.

The above groups have information and forms on the KAPOS website.

State KAPOS programs featuring all team photos and rosters, as well as supporting ads, will be available for $5.

If you need hotel rooms for Friday and/or Saturday night(s), there are Host Hotels that are offering special rates for KAPOS participants.  That information can be found at kapos.org as well.  Room blocks are being held through December 13th.

Parents and boosters may bring goody bags, signs, flowers, etc. for your team members.  However, please remember these items may NOT block the view of the spectators.  Balloons ARE NOT allowed.

If you have altered your routine after regionals, please review the NFHS rules and make sure you continue to time your routine.  Overtimes will result in penalty points. Time limits are one and one-half minutes for audio and two and one-half minutes for full routine. Game Day performances cannot exceed three minutes.

Awards are presented to the top four teams in each of the eight divisions.  Not everyone will leave as a state champion, but all teams deserve to be recognized as winners for their hard work and dedication.  Good sportsmanship is expected from all teams, as well as coaches.  You are their role model.  Thank you for all the time you have devoted to these young athletes.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at gwen.saylor@kapos.org.

Good luck to all teams!

Gwen Saylor, KAPOS President